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Sounds of Kolachi concert: The night was laced with Sufi beats

KARACHI: Sounds of Kolachi have been around in an evolving format since 2014, and their outing at the PCC open-air (but remarkably enclosed) Arena on the evening of March 17 was more a collision of musical genres than a fully-realised fusion. Unfamiliar as I was with them my expectation was of an evening that was laced with the sounds of Sufism. What I got was the in-your-face trainwreck that is the sound of life in Karachi. At some point in the two-hour set I detected influences from Captain Beefheart, to the Incredible String Band, to Zappa to Nirvana, the Pistols and assorted pomp rockers of 80’s vintage that noodled away on their guitars for endless minutes tossing their manes and generally going nowhere.