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Review: Empire of Sound: Savannah Music Festival week 2 highlights

It was yet another great week of the Savannah Music Festival. Here are some highlights:

Sounds of Kolachi

Sounds of Kolachi, which is an old name for Karachi, Pakistan, opened a rather wonderful double bill with Hiss Golden Messenger two nights in a row.

Sounds of Kolachi is unique. They marry eastern traditional music with western traditional music on a bridge built from rock ’n’ roll. Young and talented, they have a deep appreciation for rock with a heightened sense of their country’s rich musical traditions, taking pride in the delivery of a fresh sound.

This translates as a musical embodiment of global sounds that reaches a tonal harmony between different musical thoughts and approaches to creating sounds. Ostensibly, they sound like Phil Collins and The Police, if those musicians were from Pakistan and India, respectively.

This show was delightful and spiritually refreshing. I was reminded of the week I spend as a Buddhist. That was a good week.