Press Clipping
Savannah Music Festival runs the gamut, delivers thrills

Our last show gave us a taste of the Pakistani band Sounds of Kolachi, which opened for Hiss Golden Messenger. Sounds of Kolachi was invited to participate in the festival thanks to the U.S. State Department’s Centerstage initiative, which fosters cross-cultural diplomacy.

The band was big: lead guitarist/singer, second guitarist, bass player, drummer, four back-up singers, sarangi master and sitar master. The instrumentation and musical styles merged traditional South Asian music, including raga, with western grooves and an international love for improvisation.

It was fun, though I would have preferred something edgier, more experimental, more virtuosic. But gratitude must be extended to festival organizers — this year and every other year — for insisting on showcasing the music from other cultures, and from subcultures here in America.

Once again, the Savannah Music Festival delivered.